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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Embedding slideshows created with Picasa Web Album

Picasa is a great tool allowing you amongst others, integration of slideshow previews. Unfortunately, they don't provide also a single piece of HTML code that you could easily copy and embed it in your site.

What you can do after creating your album, is to embed the link to the page that displays the slideshow in an iframe, as presented below:

Here's how the embedded slideshow looks like:

To get the link, simply right on the Slideshow button in Picasa and press Copy link location (in Firefox).

Here's the HTML code for the embedded slideshow:

<iframe style="float:right;" height="500" width="250" src=""></iframe>

There are a lot of limitations to this slideshow. There's nothing you can customize and the width/height can't be too small (you need to set the width to at least 450 pixels). Also, you can't control the way the users will see the slideshow - the speed, the effects, etc.

However, if you wish to quickly create a slideshow of your favorites pictures, this might be a reasonable way to do it.

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